25 Days to 25: Day 23

So, yesterday I got my nails done.

I don’t get them done often. Nails last about two weeks and then the paint starts to peel and then I wash it off and leave it off because I don’t have money to keep on. It’s really not that expensive. The place near my house does it for about $12. But, I just never have 12 extra dollars and would honestly much rather spend it on other stuff.

But, I do LOVE getting it done. It’s a really soothing experience.

And I love the first couple of days after you get it done where you just touch everything so prissy like. Or maybe that’s just me. Ha.

Anyway, it’s good to treat yourself sometimes. I wanted to feel girly and pretty on my birthday and so I painted my nails. Something small, but it makes me feel good!



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