25 Days to 25: Day 22

So, tonight was my birthday party! We decided to do it earlier this week rather than next week.

There was a really good crowd of people there and we had a delicious dinner thanks to my sister. (And Tabitha and Anna!) We played a game called reverse charades, which is what it sounds like. Everyone acts out the cards and one person guesses. I wish I could put video on here because it was hilarious. Definitely a good party game if you’re ever looking for one.

Since tomorrow was a work day, a good many had to leave. But there were eight of us who stayed around. We played a game called Coup (?)  and it was very fun. Do you remember in high school when you played that game called B.S? Well it was a lot like that, except it also had a little bit of the game Mafia in it. Anyway it was a game of bluffing and strategy, and it was very fun.

I’m really thankful for all the people who came tonight. Somedays I feel very alone. When you’re out of college and you work in a small work place it sometimes feels like there is nobody around. But, thankfully, I am wrong. There are many people. And sometimes it is good to have the reminder that you are loved. And I feel very loved.

Till next time.


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