25 Days to 25: Day 21

So, yesterday was a ladies day! After I got off work, I went over to a friends house with my sister and friend Tabitha. There were about 7 of us there and we were just sitting around playing games. The story of my previous scavenger hunt came up and everybody wanted to try it.

So it was scavenger hunt: round two. We all met at the church we go to and about three other girls showed up to play! There were 10 of us, so we split into two teams. We raced out of there and tore open our clues. One of the things this time was that there were very specific items at Walmart that we had to take pictures with. One of those things was a sponge. Not just any sponge, but one of those round wine glass cleaner sponges. We looked FOREVER. I mean we ran around that whole store and asked every employee in there I think. Finally we cut our losses and left.

We had made such good time that when we got back to the church it was 10:20. The time to get back was 11, and the other team wasn’t there. So, we decided to go back to Walmart and try it again. We dashed into Walmart and this time I called my mother (who had made the scavenger hunt) and asked her exactly where it was. She told me all the places she went in the store and we looked there. I was getting so frustrated. Finally we had to go again. That thing was gone, sold out, or something. (And if I ever see it in there I think I will lose it. Ha!) We made it back to the church around 10:45. At 10:59, we were about to declare ourselves the winners because the other team didn’t make it back, but with 4 seconds left (no joke) here comes the other team racing in. We looked at our pictures and found out that we had each missed one. So the tie breaker was who got there first, and we did!

My reign continues.



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