25 Days to 25: Day 20

Post two!

Today was so nice. I woke up and I realized, I didn’t have to work today. So, I slept in. I ate lunch and watched some t.v. and then fell asleep for about 3 hours. How I can sleep this much is scary. Making back up for college I guess. But then I went and ate at my grandmother’s house. She gave me my very sweet birthday present. (yay!)

Then my sister and I went with some friends to go bowling. Let me just say, I am usually a terrible bowler. And tonight was surprisingly better than normal! I only played one game, but I scored a 94! And I got TWO STRIKES. I was even impressed. Obviously, I lost by a long shot. But it was still very fun!

Gotta love the weekend!

Till next time.

Displaying IMG_1775.JPG

Woo Hoo! Not the loser! Sorry, Erin.


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