25 Days to 25: Day 18

Yesterday I was struggling.

I was just annoyed at everything and getting increasingly anxious over the littlest things.

I called my sister because I needed something to do for my 25 days and I didn’t have anything in me to try to come up with something. My sister suggested face masks and a movie. I didn’t really want to. I’ve seen too many videos with people pulling those off their face and it looked painful. But with no other options I could think of, I went ahead.

My bad mood still remained and I wanted to be ill the whole time. But my sister makes me laugh even when I try to be angry. We watched Hunchback of Norte Dame and laughed and had very soft faces. It wasn’t as bad as I imagined.

The book that I’m reading (Spartan Up) talked about how no matter what good things come our way, or what new things we buy, or do; our happiness won’t stay because of them. Because we get used to them or our new normal with them and become dissatisfied again. Happiness is a mindset within yourself that you have to fight for. My sister told me again and again, take hold of your thoughts.

Sometimes we have to reign in our thoughts and feelings. It’s hard for me. And sometimes I don’t even want to. I just want to feel angry. But God has given us peace and joy and we don’t have to feel afraid or anxious. It’s an on going lesson. But maybe tomorrow will be just a bit easier.

Till next time.


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