25 Days to 25: Day 15

I’m writing back to back to catch up, but I did something today I have wanted to do since 2001.

If you are a girl that was around in the early 2000’s, you saw The Princess Diaries.  And if you saw that you know the scene where Mia’s mom was painting with darts and paint filled balloon’s. How many of us wanted to do that? I sure did. So, today I decided I wanted to do an art project and this was it.

First of all, maybe it is my weak state but I could not blow up a balloon to save my life.  I had to enlist some help to do that part. But I finally got it outside and set it up. And it was fun! I’m apparently not a good dart thrower, but I finally got them popped. The result was pretty cool and I’d recommend anyone who had this on their Princess Diaries bucket list to give it a shot.

Till tomorrow.

IMG_1747.JPG         IMG_1754.JPG

The before and after!


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