25 Days to 25: Day 14

I’m writing this a day later because I was/am exhausted. Yesterday was my much anticipated and much talked about Spartan race!

I was nervous and excited. The environment was fun and everyone was trying to pump you up. Before you even get to the starting line you have to jump a little fence. I got over with no help and was starting to get pumped. We started off the race and not too far in we were jumping walls. My dad and I were doing great! The walls were okay, even the big one! We managed them with not much difficulty. We were running the hills and climbing the hills and all was going well. We finally got up to some of the challenges, and this is where we hit some trouble. We did great on the weight and carrying and lifting obstacles, but the hanging obstacles are where we lost out. The monkey bars, the rings, and a rock wall with no feet holders- these were burpee spots for us. 30 burpee’s per failed obstacle. So after 90 burpee’s in a row, we were both feeling it. And our good time that we were holding quickly died away.

We missed the spear throw by an inch, so 30 more burpee’s. For the next hour we were just climbing endless hills. The bucket carry was back there and the big mountain climb. After it felt like forever we started nearing the end. We had the part I was least looking forward to- the mud. There were two mud pits that you just had to get in and climb out. The last one was a wall and you had to go under the water to the other side. I didn’t want to do this one. I hate going under water and I get freaked out by it. But everyone around me was telling me to go, that I could do it. So, I did it. I was disgusting. I couldn’t see a thing. Thank God someone gave me a piece of a napkin so that I could wipe my eyes. But, I was proud of myself!

The last few things were the sand bag carry and then the very big cargo net and the a-frame. We made it through the sand bag and the cargo net easily. The last thing was the a-frame and we had to climb a rope up and then climb over and down the other side. I was soaking wet and gross with mud so climbing up was hard. I managed to get almost all the way up and my foot slipped. Thankfully, some man grabbed my arm and helped my over. He also helped my dad. We jumped the fire and then crossed the finish line. They put that wonderful medal around my neck and then gave me a banana that was literally the best food of my life.

It was five miles and more than 2o obstacles. My dad had his watch on that told him the stats and we walked 22,000 steps, the equivalent of 42 flights of stairs, and burned more than 2,900 calories. I was exhausted and today woke up with more bruises than I’ve ever had in my life. But, I would do it again. And plan to do the next round!

Spartan is so fun. Everyone is an encourager. Everyone is helping. I had so many people help me up a mountain or over a wall. The made me do things I was afraid of and gave me the strength to keep going.

I have a lot more training to do. The next round is more than 8 miles. I have got to get some upper body so that I am not doing so many burpee’s! But I’m so pumped.

What a day!

IMG_3790.JPG        IMG_1745.JPG     IMG_1748.JPG

*These we’re the last two obstacles and the first of my three medal pieces to get this year!


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