25 Days to 25: Day 13

St. Patricks Day!

I didn’t quite celebrate that much because I spent most of morning at work. When I got home I took a long nap because last night after my friends left, I got a super bad headache and didn’t sleep. So, I had to catch up on rest. But tonight, we went to see Beauty and the Beast.

Growing up, (and still today) this was one of my favorite movies. The score by far is one of Disney’s best. The story is wonderful and the characters relatable. Belle always resonated with me as someone who loved to read and wanted to adventure! She was my favorite princess.

The movie they just remade was amazing. Visually, musically, story, cast- everything! They even fixed all the plot holes that I have forever asked about. I won’t spoil it but they added things I never thought about and made the story even better. The new songs were good and they even underscored with some of the broadway music! Very nice touch.

Go see this movie. If you love the original, or if you don’t- I think you will love this movie.

Tomorrow is the Spartan! Ah! Wish my luck!


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