25 Days to 25: Day 12

So, I got a little behind again.

Yesterday was what I called Redemption day. First, I went back to Disney to audition. This is the first time I’ve gone in awhile. They were calling for girls 5’5 to 5’9, and that is truly a rare thing, so I went.

I was excited to go this time because I have lost weight and I looked better. I’m fairly tall at 5’7, and that is usually the cutoff for Disney auditions, so it was nice to be in a safe spot. I went and I met new people. We did a little dance, which I already knew and I thought it went well. If you ever wanted to audition for something, or you are new to auditioning, Disney is a great place to start. It’s a fun environment and will make it seem not so nerve wrecking.

Anyway, I didn’t get a callback. It’s not surprising, I never have at Disney. There were 200 + girls there and we all were the same size and shape. I wasn’t upset about it. But coming home my friends invited me to join them in the escape room.

I talked about my experience with the escape room before when Ethan, Sarah and I went. We failed miserably. But this time joining Ethan and I were four more people, and three of them have master degrees (two teachers, one speech therapist and an engineer) So, we had faith we could make it this time. As soon as the clock started, Ethan and I just raced to get past the stuff we knew. We knew how much of a head start we needed because this room is so hard! Once we got past the stuff we knew, Ethan and I stepped back and let the others figure it out. We all worked together, but we struggled through a lot of the harder parts. We got to the end where it was a math problem. We learned later that we didn’t have the problem set up right, but somehow we managed to get close to the number. There was one lock we were trying to come up with the combination for and we had two minutes left. I picked up the lock and just started guessing numbers and by some miracle it unlocked! I screamed and opened it, got the key and unlocked the last cabinet which was a bomb. Someone yelled the code, I typed it in and we won! Thank God we did. I couldn’t live with myself if we lost twice. So, I got my redemption. I won the game. Maybe not the audition, but feeling good about myself and how I did was redemption enough. I’m thankful for all that happened!



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