25 Days to 25: Day 8

So, Day 8.

I had originally said that this was going to be ‘run away from home day.’ I’ve always wanted to just decide to go somewhere one night and then just leave. So I was going to make Sunday that day. After telling my friend about it and her deciding to come along, we decided we really wanted a night beach trip. So we went. And we got there a little bit earlier than originally planned because we wanted some day time fun at the beach too.

Well. Sometimes yours plans just don’t work. I knew it was bit cold yesterday, but we brought blankets and jackets and I thought it’d be fine. We were on the beach a total of 7 minutes and the wind was blowing about 45 mph. We could not even stand still without the wind almost knocking us over. We couldn’t even hear ourselves! We just started laughing. This was never going to work. There was no way we could stay here for 10 more minutes, let alone hours. So we took some photos, and then got back in the car. We got dinner and then just drove home. It was a great day, but it was a fail.

The good thing is, it just means that we have to try it again later. But currently, Day 8 can be called, ‘5 minute beach trip.’ Sometimes, even your best plans don’t work. But that’s okay, because sometimes what happens instead is even better.



A picture of me up on the life guard stand. If you could see my face it would be very scared. That thing was rocking in the wind!



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