25 Days to 25: Day 5

Day 5! (Sort of)

I had so much fun yesterday that I was too exhausted to write. So I’m a day behind but I’m catching up!

So my day 5 was an escape room. Escape rooms are one of my favorite things. If you’ve never gone- go. When I lived in Orlando, I used to take my friends to the one there all the time. We’ve only didn’t escape once! So recently, in my hometown, they have opened up an escape room. So my friends Ethan and Sarah and I all decided to go before Sarah left.

When we got to the escape room the woman told us that the room we signed up for was the hardest room and that only one group had ever escaped. So, she offered us another room if we didn’t want something that hard. Sarah and I had our curiosity peaked though. We just both wanted to see what was so hard about it. And secretly, I think we both thought we could do it. We’re smart people, surely we can figure it out.

We can’t apparently. I did not feel smart at all! When they said it was hard they weren’t lying! When the time went out we asked how much more did we have left, thinking probably only a few more things. We were only HALF WAY. I don’t know how those people who did it escaped. That place was impossible. But we had so much fun. We got to be together and attempt to figure this out. We all have big imaginations, so we just have a lot of fun.

After the room, we went back and played with the polaroid. We laughed until we cried. I attempted to get my cat in a picture and I payed the price when she sliced me up. And then we went for a walk around Sarah’s neighborhood, where Sarah and I (and sometimes Ethan) went for runs and walks.

Life is a lot of fun when I allow myself to live in the moment and quit worrying about tomorrow. That is what this 25 day challenge is teaching me. It is not an easy thing to do, but it’s worth it.

IMG_1642.JPG             IMG_1643.JPG           IMG_1644.JPG


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