25 Days to 25: Day 4

Day 4!

I made today a day to get myself something I’ve always wanted: a Polaroid camera!

I love little polaroid pictures and it has been on my list of things I wanted for a very long time. So, even though I probably shouldn’t have spent the money (story of my life) I went to Target and bought it.

A couple of my friends and I got to play with it and they turned out so good! I’m actually still sitting here with my friends and we’re all watching old episodes of Amazing Race. Everyday I’ve done something has been a little spark of happiness to get me through this week which is proving to be a little tough. I’m thankful for my friends who have been with me and that make me laugh and smile and allow me to quit worrying for a moment and enjoy life.

Hope your enjoying all the little moments in your day!

IMG_1640.JPG         IMG_1638.JPG   IMG_1637.JPG

*My new camera- and the pictures we took!



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