25 Days to 25: Day 3

Day 3!

Today was a bit more exciting than the first two days. Today my friend Sarah came and joined me at work to help me close and then we went and got dinner together. This is the first time we’ve been able to do this in the last month because Sarah was fasting. This was also important because Sarah is moving on Saturday. And I’m super sad about that.

But anyway, Sarah and I had a fun dinner and then we went to get the movie Moana. We saw this at the theater together when it came out, and we loved it. (It’s one of my favorite Disney movies.) On the way home, my other friend Ethan said he wanted to join us and we told him to come. And for whatever reason it was suggested that petit fours sounded really good, so we made a Publix run.

We all sat around and watched the movie, played with my devil cat, and enjoyed our time together. I keep these things close to my heart, because time is a wonderful and terrible thing and it’s moments like this that you don’t know when you’ll have again.

Day 3 was a success! On to 4.


Here’s the devil herself, Luna. And the last petit four! 🙂


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