Auditioning: The Real Job

I haven’t posted about acting in awhile, so I thought I’d do another post tonight!

Many people think that the job of a performer is to perform. And they aren’t wrong. But auditioning is the actual job. Performing is just the awesome perk at the end.

Auditioning can suck. Let’s just be honest. Have you ever gone into an interview and they say, “Stand there and smile.” And then walk around with an ipad taking notes silently. Because I have. And I didn’t get it. Didn’t even get a callback. And it was all about the way I looked. They had no idea I even had talent. And didn’t care. There were 450 people there.

Now that is definitely one of a kind audition. They aren’t all like that. But many times you walk in and you get 30 seconds or less. 16 bar cuts. 30 second monologues. And sometimes the people never even look up. The most they may say is, ‘Thank you.’ You print 100’s of head shots and I think many of mine have probably gone straight in the trash. I wish they would give them back to be honest. Those things are expensive!

But, none the less this is the life we lead. We persevere. We stand in long lines, wait far too long, and try to show who we are in 90 second time slots. We pray for the chance that someone will say, “You are the one I’ve been looking for.” Because you know what? That happens. Someone is looking for someone just like me. And just like all the other people out there. Not everyone will ‘make it big.’ But I hate anyone that scoffs at people who try.

I know sound like a song from La La Land. (And if you haven’t seen La La Land then you should.) It hit home a little too well. But it shows you how it goes. It is a hard career. And unlike other careers, it is an endless job hunt. As soon as you land one job, you start thinking about the next. It is very easy to be overwhelmed.

But there is a reason we do it. We love it. We have days when we nail it and days when you just don’t. It is a job and something we work very hard at.

So here’s to all of us out there trying!

Here’s to the one’s that dream.” 


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