Warrior Dash 2017

Well I did it. I finally ran my first obstacle course race. And it was a blast!

Let me just tell you of my adventure that day:

I went down to Florida on Saturday with two of my friends and we set out to run this race. They say getting there is half the fun, but those people never met Jimmy.

Jimmy is my car. He’s getting pretty old and in the last few years has faced a lot of problems. Most of them were minor. I drove him back and forth to Orlando for a year and never had trouble. The past year he hasn’t had much trouble either. So, it was to my surprise that he would fall apart this trip down there.

Less than a half mile from the race we get stuck in traffic for 15 minutes. All of a sudden the engine light comes on and I realize the engine is over heating and quick. We start to panic but thankfully make it to the place. As we pull up to park, my car stops. It was stuck in the mud. And I mean for real stuck. A JEEP. STUCK IN THE MUD. I was ashamed. And then when we got help the car just wouldn’t turn on anymore. So they said, just go run the race and worry about it after. And we did.

The people at Warrior Dash are very nice. Everyone is super encouraging. Everyone is very helpful. Be wary when you go about finding all the tents to get your bib and waivers and things. It is not set up all together and it got a little complicated because we went to the wrong place a couple of times. But once we got running all the worries went away.

The obstacles are fun. You got to swim in a lake, climb over huge wooden pieces, crawl under trenches and barb wire, hang, jump, splash, and get filthy! There is even the Goliath, which is a huge water slide. I thought it was just going to be an easy little slide like at the fair, but oh my God, that thing shoots you off like 25 miles per hour. Hold your breath because you’re going under!

Overall, it seems like it is a good start into obstacle racing. It wasn’t incredibly difficult, although afterwards I was very tired out and a bit sore. I also realized I did not train enough with cardio. That’s always been my struggle, but there is a good bit of running and at this race at least, it was all in deep sand. (Something I never trained in)

I was also bruised up, and my word was I sunburned. Wear sunscreen folks. But it was all worth it when they put that medal around your neck and you get to say you did it! I totally recommend it for people wanting to get started in this like I did!

We got cleaned up (that took awhile…) and went back to the car. Thankfully it wasn’t overheated and it started. We waved down a few big guys and they pushed Jimmy out of the mud. We set back home with lots of smiles and bruises and stories to tell.

Next race is next month! And that is the Spartan. Stay tuned!


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