Day 100

Today as I checked into my gym training appointment, I saw at the top of the page: This is your 100th visit.

I was so excited! I hadn’t been paying attention to how many times I had gone to train with her. Didn’t matter really. I’ve said it before, but I train twice a week with a trainer at my gym. I go to the gym on my own and run more than that, but since last March, I’ve had 100 sessions with her.

And that is an accomplishment. I rarely cancelled, unless it was for holidays and such. And I never cancelled because I was sick or just didn’t want to go. And I have seen the changes. I am so much stronger. I can last longer. I can do more reps. I can handle more weight. I’m not quite at the weight I want, but that takes a good diet. Which means no soda- which is my weakness.

But, I have been ever so proud because I have not had fried food or fast food for the whole month of January. I’ve been stubborn about it. I have not broken. Even when I went on vacation.

As I become healthier, I see myself becoming happier, more confident, and more at peace with the world.

Confession: I didn’t do the marathon. I wasn’t ready. And it makes me so sad that I wasn’t. Because I did try so hard. And I had actually made it past that stupid two mile mark. I made it to five! Alas, you need a lot more than five. BUT, no fear because I have many races set up- INCLUDING the Spartan that I always mention. It’s coming up March 18. So, hold me to it!

I hope everyone is having a good new year. Things in this world seem very crazy and unstable, but God is still God. And we still have a job to do: show His love.

Keep it up!


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