Happy 2017!

Happy New Year!

I feel like everyone breathed a sigh of relief as the final seconds ticked down into 2017. Everyone makes jokes about how bad this past year was, and honestly I don’t think they were wrong (In some ways). We lost a handful of beloved celebrities, a gorilla, went through one heck of an election, and have seen the world at some truly low points.

I hope we recognize some of the horrible hateful acts we have witnessed last year, and strive to make this world better.

I talk all the time about kindness and I’m sure you shake your head at how many times I mention it, but it’s true. I’ve never seen people be so unkind as this year. So as the new year is here, take every day to show someone kindness. I know the world can be a better place if we just show everyone some simple compassion.

In my personal life, this year was a rebuilding year. Ever have those? It was the little things and the mental game I had to change. I had to get my mindset right. 2015 I had let myself go. I had been working and trying to be an adult for the first time living on my own, and I forgot to treat my body better. I gained weight, I lost my athleticism. But this year, I have been training since March. I lost weight. I gained muscle. I can do things now, I couldn’t even do when I was at my fittest point. I’m proud at the steps that I took to change my lifestyle. I still have a ways to go, but I’m on a good path.

Mentally I had been so down on myself. I had to get myself back in the right mindset. Remember what things in life are important. Who is important. And I think I did that. And all of that to say, I think that God was just setting it up for me to do things this year. And sometimes that’s how it has to be. So if this is your year to do things: great! And if this might be your rebuilding year: it’s okay! God and His timing are ever surprising, but never wrong. (Rhyme unintended!)

A new year doesn’t mean you have to change who you are. But it does mean 365 more days of opportunity. And we should do our best to make the most of them. I know that is always my goal, and I think this year I’ll make the most of my time!



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