Holiday Season!

So the holiday season is here! I can not express how much I love Christmas time! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! And finally it is starting to get colder here in Georgia. (Took long enough…) But it means that I get to wear jackets and scarves and boots.

I also get to turn on Christmas music (which means endless Michael Bublé!) It also means all the Christmas movies, Hershey’s having peppermint chocolate, going to NY, lights, family and food! Bless all the older generations who cook on the holidays.

The world has been so crazy and I’m honestly glad to be done with this year. It was not an easy one. But with what time we have I hope we can use this as almost a restart. Emotions have been high, but we can change that: with love! I say that to the point that it’s cliché but it’s so true. Kindness is so easy to do and yet I find it hard to come by. How much can we gain by not being kind? Remember to look at life from other people’s POV’s. We don’t get to tell people how they feel. And if they are upset, there is a reason. Try to emphasize, show some love and make the holidays fun and enjoyable!

For a little life update: I quit SmoothieKing. It was time. And I feel way better. (Although I’ll miss the free smoothies…)

Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was wonderful (and filling!)


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