It’s been a week..

So the world seems to buzzing with excitement right now. The Cubs won the World Series! (Back to the Future was so close…) and next week we vote for a new president. Now I’m not going to talk politics because why bother. At this point, whatever is going to happen will happen. I voted (not happily, but civic duty done) and now the rest is up to fate.

My hope is that this next week, we will not see anger and tantrums and hatred if our candidate didn’t win. I’ve seen more of that this election period than I ever want to see again. I’m hoping that we as a nation will start coming together in love instead of the hateful rhetoric that is floating around now.

So spread love and joy this week. I think the Cubs winning was perfectly timed. Something to bring joy whether you like one candidate or the other. And we can keep creating the joy by being kind and empathetic and showing love!

Here’s my bit of happiness. This week was Halloween. I love to dress up. And this year my cat and I dressed up like Rey and BB8. It was awesome. Or at least I thought so. If the photos are any evidence, Luna was not thrilled. Last year we dressed up like Anna and Elsa. So next year I’m going to have to keep it going.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week. This weekend and the next week to follow. I’ll be praying for a lot of love and kindness and I hope you do the same!

P.S: Rest In Peace to my friend Sebastian. You were hilarious and I’m going to miss you. See you on the other side.



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