Passing On…

Two days ago, we lost my great Uncle Charles. He was 88. I liked Uncle Charles a lot. He was the definition of kind. He was very sick, so it was expected. But I know for his family, that doesn’t make it much easier. I got to see him earlier the day that he passed. He was asleep, so I don’t know if he knew that I was there. But, I did lean down and say, ‘Uncle Charles, you’re about to have a really good day.’

And that is what brings the most comfort. Uncle Charles is having the best day! He gets to be without pain. He no longer is held back by pain and disease. He can say exactly what he wants to and never struggle to find words! And I’m sure most of it is praising God. I’m a little jealous of him to be honest. But, thankfully I’ve been granted a little bit more time to be here.

While God was gracious to bring him on home, I received other news that my grandma is close to moving on to be with the Lord as well. While I am grieved that I probably won’t get to see her again (She lives up north) I am thankful that she too will live without pain.

My grandma was hysterical. She’s from Jersey and she acted like it. My poor grandpa… He just wanted to sit and smoke his pipe. Nana didn’t ever let him rest. My dad and grandma went to go visit my grandpa’s grave shortly after he passed, and after a moment of silence and tears, my grandma starts shouting, ‘Don! Don! I’m coming for you Don!’ My dad who had walked off a bit screams back, “Ma! Leave him alone! He just got away from you!’ Pop pop probably was in heaven screaming back, ‘Live another 40 years!’ And she made it a good many. Almost 20. But unfortunately for him, his vacation years are almost up. Pop you may as well get ready, because she is coming for you.

I am officially running low on grandparents. I will have one grandma left, and I am thankful because that’s more than many.  I told her she had to keep holding on because I need a nana to cook for me. After living alone, I need true cooking! She told me to hurry up and have kids for her to see. You win some and lose some, nana.

I love all my grandparents and family and am very thankful for every moment that I have gotten to share with them. To Uncle Charles, I love you. Have yourself the best time. Say hey to my nana when she makes it up there. And say hey to my other grandparents too. Meanwhile, I am going to make the most of the time I’ve been given with the people I love.


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