A Quicker Mile

So, this past week I did something I was very proud of: I ran 5 days. That has been my goal for a while. I want to be one of those people who ‘run 5 days a week’ you know. So I pushed myself and I did it! And as a result I ran a faster mile by a whole minute.

Now if I could just add distance…

I work two jobs, as I have said. They are both beside a gym. The gym that I go to in fact. One is a cupcakery, the other is a Smoothie King. Surprisingly, or maybe not surprisingly, I see gym people at both stores frequently. Some of the people I’ve seen come in wearing Spartan t-shirts and since I’m doing a Spartan, I ask them about how they liked it. Everyone of them says it’s addicting. And they all offer advice on how to  train. And it’s been so encouraging.

The most recent person I spoke to was a older woman who came into Smoothie King. I asked her about training and she said that she had troubles with it to. I told her my concern came with running. I hate it, and I can’t get past the mental side of it. She said she had a hard time of it too. But, she told herself when she was out of breath and tired that it would go away and she would get her second wind. That struck a chord with me and has helped me this week. Pain is but momentary. It’s all in your head. You’ll get your breathing right.

I just need to remember that now when I get past mile 2..


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