What you do with a BFA

Since so many have asked:

You work in a cupcakery. Or the local SmoothieKing.

You spend a year at Disney World and Universal Studios.

You play Wendy for Wendy’s restaurants.

You struggle to pay bills.

You go to the gym.

You take tumbling classes.

You study the art.

You audition.

You fail.

Probably more than once.

You win!


And since everyone asks me, with that condescending voice, “What are you going to do with that?” I am going to tell them:

Exactly what I love.

I am not bound by time or space. I am not bound by necessity to a field. I am not stuck looking for a place to spend the next fifty years of my life wasting away being bored. I am chasing a dream, and a viable one. I’ve worked very hard and understand more than you think you do. Do I have to spend sometime in some places that aren’t fun? Yea. But don’t you? Did you dream of working for Home Depot? Probably not. I didn’t want to work at a cupcake shop, but I make it enjoyable, and learn that I can be the best I can be at any place and that carries.

I can’t say that I’ll ‘make it’ in your terms. I may not be famous or earn notable accolades. But for me, ‘making it’ will be where ever I find happiness. So, what am I going to do with that?

Live happily.

Enjoy the cupcake.


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