So I’m an actress. I haven’t really spoken much about it because I’ve had a year where I haven’t done anything. It’s very hard when you go that long away from it. The reasons I’ve been away are mainly financial based, but I’m looking to change that soon. (I work two jobs!) Anyway, I thought I would share my background in acting and how it became a profession for me.

My grandparents live in New Jersey. They live on the shore about an hour away from NYC. So, I’ve made quite a few trips up there. It’s one of my families favorite places to go. And in that, I saw a good many Broadway shows. Now when I was younger, I would dream about performing, but it was just that. A dream. But it stayed with me.

As I went through middle school, I played sports. I didn’t see that changing. So when I went to high school, I expected to try out for the soccer team. But, I missed the try outs. So, my ride home decided she wanted to be in the drama program. I thought she was nuts. Those people were weird! We didn’t belong there. But she insisted. And I didn’t have anything better to do. My first show was basically a variety show. It was called ‘5,6,7,8’. Mostly little dance numbers  and some singing. (Not good singing, bless) I was SMITTEN though. God, I was in love. And you know what? My ride home hated it. So there started my relationship with theatre. I spent every afternoon of my high school career in that sad little theatre, and I couldn’t be happier that I did.

I don’t even remember a conscious decision to follow it as career. It was just in me. I wanted to move away for college, but in the end I went to the university down the road. I learned A LOT in four years of college. I learned so much about myself and what I wanted from this career. And honestly, I am still learning. You can never stop learning or training. That’s really what the job is. The in between. The performing is the sweet little bonus we get for the months and years of worrying and training. And I can tell you it’s worth it enough to keep going.

I’ll perform again. I’ll find where I belong. But I will say God is making the journey pretty interesting.


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